Who Am I

My name is Anqi (pronounced Angie). I am a certified Mandarin Chinese teacher based in North West London. My freelance tutoring started in early 2019, at the time due to the unbearable living cost of London. The rewards I soon came to realise were much more than just financial. I love to hear people‚Äôs stories, learn about our commonalities and differences, discover aspects of Chinese history and culture that fascinate my clients more than myself, encourage them by sharing the struggles and embarrassment from my own experience learning English.

Who Do I Teach

My clients range from 2 to 72 year olds, coming from various cultural, and professional backgrounds. Some aspire to learn the language so they can open a French-Vietnamese restaurant in Taipei, while some want to travel the country after retiring from the banking sector. Some young clients developed an interest in Mandarin growing up around their parent who had a collection of dress and costumes from the Qing Dynasty, while some reached out because they had given up on French and Spanish, and needed a foreign language credit for school.