Museum Wanderers

This course is designed for intermediate students aged between 6-16 who are interested in Chinese/ World history and art, student and I visit museum and art galleries in London, wander and study in Mandarin. We frequent Victoria & Albert, the National Gallery, the British Museum, Tate Modern, and Natural History Museum. Students are expected to describe objects and paintings and are encouraged to ask questions about curious finds. Each trip requires 2-3 lessons of preparation, during which we closely study the museum’s collections online and learn relative Mandarin vocabulary. 

Let's Talk Business

This course is designed for adult students who would like to learn or improve their Mandarin for work or business purposes. We will cover vocabulary, conversations, business etiquette in China. I also help students who want to practise field specific language skills, prepare for interviews, or draft business proposals. The flexibility that comes with private tutoring means I can tailor the course towards individual needs and wants, whether it’s reading the Financial Times in Chinese, or read road signs and order food at restaurants. 

Propaganda Posters 1949-1980

This course is designed for 16+ students who are interested in modern Chinese history, politics and art, some knowledge of it is recommended but not mandatory. We closely look at the aesthetics of posters in its cultural and historical context, describe the posters visually, and study the slogans. The course is offered in both English and Mandarin. Through these cultural artefacts, we will get a glance into this period of China, marked by the birth of a new Republic after decades of conflict and violence, ended in the nation embracing capitalism and setting the path to becoming the economic miracle as we know it today.

Around the World and Stop by China

This course is designed for 12+ students who enjoy traveling and have an interest in world geography. The aim is to use their existing geographical knowledge to describe and express, course vocabulary includes directions, oceans, continents, countries, cities, nature, and architecture. We will also look at different areas and cities in China, and discover places students would love to visit. Students will pinpoint different places on the map, describe their past trips, make bucket lists of places they want to visit. For intermediate and advanced students, we will also learn how to research and plan trips. 

Bean & Thyme

This course is designed for students of all levels and age groups who enjoy cooking. Lessons take place in between the classroom and the kitchen, sometimes grocery shops. We will learn the names of common items in the kitchen, key ingredients of the recipes, numbers, duration and time, verbs on ways of cutting and cooking, adjectives on taste, smell, and texture. For those who specifically want to cook Chinese food, we will also learn about Chinese cuisine, common seasonings, names of famous dishes, different methods of cooking. 

Let Lego Lead

This course is designed for beginner students aged between 4-12 who like to play with Lego. During the course students build an initial vocabulary via interaction and collaboration. Whether it is a pirate ship, a city or a castle for Elsa, students are encouraged to use their imagination and take initiatives in the building process to listen, describe, and instruct in Mandarin. The aim is to motivate and challenge students to acquire language skills in the process of doing what they do best — playing. 

Speak and Splash

This program is designed for intermediate students aged between 4-12 who would like to practise their Mandarin while learning how to swim. As a licensed swimming instructor, I offer this program usually through out the course of the summer, students will learn different strokes, body movements, and receive instructions and feedbacks in Mandarin. Depending on progress and time allowance, we will learn in the order of front crawl, breaststroke, back crawl and butterfly. The aim is to optimise language learning by using it to learn a different skill.